How do I participate in Aiki Peace Week?
Dojos can participate by sponsoring one or more events. Click here to get started. Individuals can search the Events List for events in their area.

What kinds of activities can our dojo sponsor?
Your event(s) should demonstrate the value of aikido for peacemaking and violence prevention. For example:

  • Modify a class in your existing class schedule to emphasize peacemaking
  • Sponsor a half- or one-day workshop
  • Collaborate with neighboring dojos and/or community organizations
  • Host a weekend (or longer) bridge-type seminar
  • Hold an Open House for your dojo including a free trial class

Who decides if my event is accepted by IAPW?
Proposed events should align closely with the vision and mission of IAPW and should have an element of uniqueness to them. For instance, listing a regularly scheduled class (without modifying it to focus on aikido as a peace practice) is not in line with the concept of IAPW and the IAPW Committee likely would remove it from the list of events.

Who can organize an IAPW Event?
Ideally, an IAPW event is sponsored by an established dojo. However, motivated individuals without a home dojo might consider collaborating with a local school or community organization to host an event at their facility.

Who is managing this website?
Aikido in Fredericksburg (AIF) is a nonprofit educational organization interested in supporting the application of aiki principles on the mat and in the world. In addition to Aikido classes, we sponsor seminars and community activities such as Aiki Peace Week, training opportunities such as the Aiki Kodomo Kenshukai How to Teach Aikido to Children Educators Workshop Series and the membership network for dojo managers, and the Aikido for Youth Facebook Page.  The information on this website has been submitted by others and AIF is not responsible for its accuracy.

How can you help me plan my event?
Under the “Resources” link of this website, you will find a variety of materials that will help you brainstorm and plan your event. Simply registering your event through the IAPW website will help you promote it. If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Is there a cost to participate in IAPW?
There is no cost to participate in Peace Week.  Donations are welcomed to help support our educational mission and are tax deductible for U. S. residents. 

What if I still have questions?
If you have other questions or need additional support, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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