Sharing Aikido’s Peacemaking Potential

September 18-25, 2024

O Sensei’s vision was that aikido would become a way to reconcile the world and to bring humanity together. Given the level of conflict around the world today, it is clear how urgently we need to share that vision with the world.

Help celebrate and promote aikido’s emphasis on peacemaking by participating in International Aiki Peace Week (IAPW), an international event showcasing “the art of peace.” Collectively, we will bring greater public awareness to aikido while also enhancing our role in our own local communities.

For O Sensei, making the world a more peaceful place was the true purpose of his art. He said: “Those who think deeply about aikido feel that they must participate in the establishment of a universal system of truth and justice. It is our duty to serve as messengers and guides for world peace and universal brotherhood.”

Please join us to bring this vision to fruition, sign up today.


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International Aiki Peace Week (IAPW) is a global celebration inspired by O Sensei’s vision of aikido as an art of peace. IAPW was conceived by Bertram Wohak and Paul Linden in 2010,  and originally coordinated by Aiki Extensions. It is now managed by Aikido in Fredericksburg, a not-for-profit educational organization.