Aiki Peace Week Webinar

To listen to the 2015 webinar, click here.

Dojo Registration Process

As you begin this process, you will be asked to make a selection that will inform Aiki Peace Week Coordinators what your status will be.

1.) You must be a registered, logged in user to begin this process.

2.) Your Dojo is going to be an Aiki Peace Week Participant in 2015. This means your Dojo will be holding an event during Aiki Peace Week in September 2015.

3.)  Your Dojo is going to be an Aiki Peace Week Participant 2015 and you are going to Register your Dojo.  Registering your Dojo will allow your information to remain private and secure in our database and we will use it to update you on important Aikido events.

4.) Your Dojo is only going to Register.

5.) If you are registering as a participating Dojo please go to the webpage under the tab Dojos and fill in the information in the add marker section.  This will highlight your Dojo on the world map of participating Dojos.

6.) Any events you add will be placed on the events map automatically.

Click here to begin the process – DOJO REGISTRATION


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